300 Hours Training Required to Shampoo Hair In Tennessee

Outrageous license requirement

Why things cost so much

Is 300 hours enough training for someone to shampoo your hair?

As a Salon owner local and state licensing can be tough but it is something that has to be met to run the business. Hiring trained stylist and making sure their licenses are up to date and they do continuing education when required.

Trying to stay up on new styles and technology, changes in chemical preferences, etc. You get it there is  a lot to do.

Tennessee is now requiring individuals 300 hours in of training in the theory and how to of shampooing. The tuition for shampoo class is near $300.00. This is not the stylist we are talking about this is the person who washes and rinses  your hair. Tennessee is 1 of 5 states requiring a license to wash hair. Florida does not require a license to wash but it is required for rinsing chemicals as part of the stylists work.

This article is a must read to see what happens when a state goes beyond its boundaries. Check out the link to’s story by Elizabeth Nolan Brown. Do you think the person shampooing needs this much training?

Those who want to wash hair in salons must attend 300 hours of classes & fork out thousands of dollars before they can legally lather, rinse, repeat.

Source: 300 Hours Training Required to Shampoo Hair In Tennessee

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