CES 2020 beauty products of the future.

Reviews of some of the discoveries

Unfortunately unable to attend CES 2020 so I am going to review or compile some links of other sites that are presenting information from the show. CES is a show of technology from Cars to AI pets. If you have a chance to attend this industry event it is a must go.

Allure Magazine – Jessica Cruel

Jessica did a review on several products apparently dental care was big as Oral B and Colgate had products that use a smartphone to assist the user to make sure they have the best hygiene possible.

Sally Beauty was showing off an app that can evaluate your hair type from a photo.

Click here to read the details of Jesica’s post.

CNET – Sarah Mitroff

CNET gave a much broader view of products classified as Health and Wellness. They covered products like Impossible Pork yes the new breakfast meat. A scanner printer that helps cover dark spots with makeup. Loreal’s custom-blended make-up and toothbrushes. Check out Sara’s review.

L’Oreal USA – Perso

Perso is the makeup that is mixed individually based on your needs here is a video showing and explaining the product.

There are so many things that were at the CES show.

As we find interesting products and reviews we will try and present them in the future. The last link I want to share is from TechRepublic and it is a summary of their top 10 tech innovations at the show.

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