Daily washing is it damaging your hair?

Daily Routine

Do you get up in the morning or whenever and the first thing you do even before coffee is take a shower. Yes, that daily chore of getting rid of the grime from the day before, washing the bedhead out and moving on to the day ahead can cause problems you did not even know existed.

The Good, Bad and Ugly

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The good news is that ritual makes you feel good, and not offend the rest of the world. The bad there are things in this routine that may affect the condition of your hair. Now the ugly, some of the issues you may not be able to control but most of them you can.  In Carolyn Steber’s article she points out water hardness as being one issue, often we can not control the condition of the local water source. Hardness, PH, Acidity, Metals etc. may not be in our control although you can add whole house filters and softeners to your system.

But some of the things you can control Chemicals you add, Temperature, Exposure to water, and many other things. Take a look at this article on Bustle and learn better ways to take care of your hair.


Even though no one gets in the shower with the goal of ruining their hair, that’s exactly what’s happening in a lot of cases. Whether it’s due to super hot water, hard water, or a dirty tub, there are plenty of ways your shower can affect your hair. Are your strands sticky, dried out, or full of split ends? Then, sorry to say, but this might be what’s going on. “Although showers can be a relaxing and sometimes soothing space for our minds and bodies, it may not be the best place when washing your hair,” Ki

Source: 11 Weird Ways Your Shower Is Ruining Your Hair


Once you have your daily routine under control, stop in Salon Dejan and take a look at the products we have to help you maintain your hair health.


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