Does Obesity Cause Hair Loss?

Does Obesity Cause Hair Loss


The Research

It appears there is no direct evidence that links hair loss to obesity.

Nutrition and Obesity related issue that may cause hair loss

But good hair is based on good nutrition. Unfortunately  most overweight people do not have very nutritious diets. The article on Curejoy by Gina Hodges explains why there is some cause for concern if the diet is out of whack.

The article talks about follicle health, hormonal balance, cholesterol level and some other chemicals in the body and their effect on hair health. Check it out.


But obesity provides a set of health issues that can prove to be detrimental to your efforts to maintain healthy hair growth. One of the natural causes of obesity is the lack of activity or a sedentary lifestyle that impacts peripheral circulation of blood resulting in lack of nourishment for organs and extremities including hair follicles.





Source: Does Obesity Cause Hair Loss?

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