Fall 2017 is a short style on your radar?

Short Hair Style

No matter why you are considering a change many women and men choose a short style for ease of maintenance.  Reducing the bed head effect and spending less time in front of the mirror. In my book, those are all good reasons for considering the shortcut.


Garnier in a Short Style review suggests 4 basic styles for this type of cut.

  1. Pixie Haircut
  2. Blunt Bob
  3. Lob Hair
  4. Short Layered

To see some general info about these styles, tips and photos visit the article “FOUR CUTE SHORT HAIRCUTS AND HOW TO STYLE SHORT HAIR” on Garnier’s website.


If this is appealing to you our Stylist can take care of you ease you into your new looks. Set an appointment today and get this off your to-do list.

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