Hair Basics: How Does Food Affect Hair Health? – Joy Bauer

Healthy Hair

Indicator of a healthier you

Your hair may be telling you things about how you are functioning internally. Normal progression of hair is that it starts in the follicles and is created from keratin. It is then pushed out and as it grows longer the older portion is further out from the scalp. As the follicle rests you begin to shed the older hairs.fruits-and-vegetables-arranged-in-heart-shape

External and Internal affects on your hair


What Affects Hair Health?It is estimated that we each lose about 100 hairs a day. The actual number you’ll lose on any given day depends on how abundant and healthy your follicles are, what medications you’re taking, and many other factors, some of which are beyond your control. For example, the recommendations in this section won’t reverse thinning hair due to male pattern baldness or aging — typical male baldness is genetic. As we age, our hair spends more time in the resting phase, which means that we’ll shed more hair than usual, and it won’t grow back as quickly. For more general hair problems, here are some factors that you should be aware of:

Source: Hair Basics: How Does Food Affect Hair Health? – Joy Bauer

Some things you may or may not know that affect hair health

  1. Hormones
  2. Stress
  3. Lack of Protein
  4. Medical and Supplements
  5. Glandular disorders

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