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HiLightingWining in the job search market!

May seem Shallow

You would think the important part of getting a job is your qualifications. Truth be told it is not that deep in fact reasons for not getting hired can often be found to be very shallow, but almost never the reason the candidate is told because often that would be illegal. Some reasons for not getting hired may include Hair, Ink, Weight, General looks, Pregnant, Too Old Too Young etc.  Most of these reasons should not matter but when the goal is to get the position you may need to try new alternatives.

Hair Style

In a previous post about natural hair styles it was very apparent that this is a real issue. In continuing that theme here are some suggestions to consider when interviewing.

Low maintenance

Your style should reflect a low maintenance look. Even position of something as simple as the Pony Tail may give off vibes to the perspective employer.


Avoid overly trendy looks


Try not to reveal your age in your style. This goes both ways you do not want to have a style that screams old person nor do you want one that is too childish.


Be Your Best Self

Select a hairstyle that is still reflective of your own personality. You need to be comfortable with it because it can make or break your confidence.

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