Have you considered extensions lately?

Hair Extensions

Why should you use hair extensions

Here are some common google’d reasons for using hair extensions.

  1. I was mad and cut my hair off and now it’s to short
  2. Add thickness to my existing hair
  3. Add color of highlights without having to color your hair
  4. Style like other types of hair replacements extensions allow you to change your style, texture and look conveniently
  5. Give your real hair a brake from the styling every single day.
  6. Use the extensions to accessorize your style create headbands out of a braid made from extensions
  7. Ease of use, cut down the bathroom maintenance time every day.

Extension considerations

Hello magazine reviewed hair extensions this week on their site. Take a look at some of their recommendations. “Things to consider when choosing your hair extensions.” One thing they did suggest is that you should consider professional assistance over DYI.

Examples of extensions and products

Take a look at this video and see what Simplicity and other products can do for you.

Extension for volume


Simplicity Extensions for length




Extension for color







Set up an appointment today and see if extensions are right for you.



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