Is long hair on boys wrong? Texas schools think so.


War on Boys With Long Hair? Texas Child Sent Home From School Over Hairstyle

A Texas boy was sent home from school because his long brown hair reached past his shoulders. The boy, 4-year-old Jabez, was turned away at Barbers Hill Kindergarten Center in the Houston area and told he could not return until his hair was cut short, according to local media reports. The boy’s mother, Jessica Oates, 25, of Baytown, said she tried to appease school officials by putting her son’s hair in a bun on Monday before taking him to school, but the boy wasn’t even let out of the car because his long tresses violated the school’s dress code. That meant Oates couldn’t go to work and had to take a day off from her job at a local restaurant to care for her son.

Source: War on Boys With Long Hair? Texas Child Sent Home From School Over Hairstyle

Dress code

Is it “Gender” discrimination. The code allows for girls hair length to be long but is restrictive for the boys.  So the real issue here is the school dress code, and supposedly the school acknowledged they would consider exceptions. The family is part Indian and it is considered part of their beliefs to keep the hair long.

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