Is Your Hairstyle Preventing You from Getting a Job?

Do looks really count.

I was reviewing topics to see if there was content on this particular topic. I looked up was can your hair prevent you from getting a job.  Most of us would like to think that this is not the case. It is our Brains, Personality, Abilities, and Experience…Right!  I am sure things like hair, clothing, tattoos, piercings and the like have nothing to do with why you were not hired.  If I really believed this I must be cleaning the moss that  grew on me while I was hiding under my rock.  From first hand experience with a child having on the job issues because of facial hair, piercings I will absolutely tell you that looks count.

Natural hair

The article below from Forbes is focused on Natural Hair and focuses on African-American hair but I believe it applies well beyond the single racial group.  The article does point out that dress codes in the US do have a racial bias.  The key here is to gain awareness that how your hair looks does unfortunately count, and you may have to take steps to help defeat the looks first issue.


Speaking with an African-American candidate a few days ago, she made a comment in passing that made me stop and think. We were discussing the interviews she had been on and she said, “I’m sure my natural hairstyle prevented me from getting a couple of those jobs.” Immediately, I wanted to believe she was wrong. Surely, someone more qualified was chosen for the job. It had to be that simple. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was being naïve. It is never that simple when it comes to Black hair. Gabby Douglas was the most recent target of criticism about her hair and she wasn’t even applying for a job at the time. Chris Rock even produced a movie about the subject after one of his daughters made a comment about her friend’s hair being “so good” (the friend was Caucasian).

Source: Is Your ‘Natural’ Hairstyle Preventing You from Getting a Job?

In the End

Stacey Gordon makes a good point basically saying that if they can’t accept you for your looks then you most likely will not like working their and I agree. But that is not always the simple solution. So if you do need some changes and are willing to make them then visit a Stylist for your hair and clothes to make some changes that will make you a suitable candidate.

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