Neon Glow in the Dark hot for 2017

Neon, Glow in the dark, Hand Painted

What  is your look? I am not sure we originally thought of our head as a canvas. But, just like our skin the tattoo artist sees unlimited potential and now our stylists can too.  Would you ever get your hair layered in color like this.  While the article below is a training guide for our stylists you may see  it as inspiration for your next look. Check it out and then talk to one of our stylists that does multidimensional coloring.


Get the Look: Lite Brite Hair Color Beauty Launchpad

Glow-in-the-dark hair is shaping up to be one of 2017’s biggest hair trends so far, thanks to daring stylists taking the rainbow hair trend to the next level. A distinct nod to the colorful and vibrant 1980s, blacklight hair is beautiful day and night.

Source: Get the Look: Lite Brite Hair Color | Beauty Launchpad


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