New bill to tackle safety of “Beauty Products”

Unregulated ingredients

It appears that Congress is going to step in on the safety beauty products. A new bill sponsored by Send D. Feinstein and S. Collins named the “Personal Care Products Safety Act” has been proposed.

80 years ago Congress passed legislation to manage the industry and now the new legislation is going to push for ingredient transparency, protocol for recalls. It is supprising that some of this is new to the 60 plus billion dollar industry. This legislation is going to add some bite to the FDA’s ability to regulate the industry. Thee plan is going to make sure that ingredients get tested and suggest that at least 5 ingredients are tested a year for safety. The 1st ingredients to be tested include Propyl paraben, Methylene glycol. For more details check out the story at Vogue’s website.

The Bill

The actual bill is seen here, Tiled Cosmetic Safety. One note this blogger finds interesting is in “Part 10 Fees Relating to Cosmetics” annual fees will be collected from every responsible person operating a facility. The concern is seen in this section if fees are levied too high when the costs are passed to the consumer will it make some of the products too costly for some consumers to afford. In Vogue’s article, the quotes from Renfrew suggested these products should be safe and accessible to all socioeconomic backgrounds. Wouldn’t the costs of this regulation risk the cost factor and make some products further out of reach of certain consumers?

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