New Biotech may help in stopping pattern baldness

Biotech and Pattern Baldness in the news

Replicel cell-based therapy

In an article on FierceBiotech’s web site they posted an article about research being done in Pattern Baldness.

Replicel is doing research on cell-based therapy to regrow hair in one of the most common forms of baldness for both women and men. Until now there are not many treatments that work with the most common being transplants, and drugs like minoxidil or finasteride. Unfortunately these drug therapies are costly and often fail. Cost is also what prohibits most from transplant methods too.

Hair loss is a large market with US over 3 million dollars spent.  Replicel a Canadian company is in a 1st phase trial of the use of a Biotech solution to solve the baldness problem. They believe their injections will regenerate hair and stimulate growth. One down side also is that ceasing the treatment may cause hair loss to begin again.

Replicel more detail about the clinical study

To learn more about the study and what they have  learned so far check out this article.

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