Pokémon on the rise, will Anime become the Style

Want to bring your favorite Anime style to life?

Art imitates life or is it life imitates art.?

While the article referenced below is a few years old are we going to have a resurgence in “Anime Hair Styles”?


Best Anime Hairstyles for Girls – Anime hairstyles are increasing in popularity, so check out the most desired and popular Anime hairstyles for girls so you can look just like your favorite character!

Anime cartoons have exploded in popularity since they were first created in Japan and they have become a source of inspiration for people in real life. Anime cartoon characters look great, the really big eyes, the gorgeous looking hairstyles and the fabulous clothes take people on a dream journey in which everything is perfect. pokemon_girls_xd_by_majigoma-d58aned

Source: Best Anime Hairstyles for Girls


If this is something that you might consider let us know and add your opinions to the story, or come in and have a stylist create your Anime inspired doo.


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