Strobing dramatic affects with color to accentuate your look.

Matrix Candy Strobe

From the pages of the Matrix LookBook we are exploring a variation of highlights called “Strobing”.  This affect has gotten better because of the endless colors that can be used to draw attention to select features of you face. Matrix suggest the use of colors from Chocolate to an array of Pastels.  In this book they consider many of these tones to be the colors of a candy store, or a confectionaries universe.  So let your imagination run wild and begin to review the color options with one of our Master Stylists before the New Year rings itself in.

Why Strobing?

Strobing gives maximum impact with minimal time and investment.  The flashes of color instantly brighten your complexation and amplify many of your favorite facial features.


Basic Strobe Effects

  1. Eye Strobe – Frame your eyes with pops of irresistible color.

    Accentuate your eyes.
  2. Jaw Strobe – Create a contoured look with a waterfall of color off the cheeks.

    Accentuate the shape of your face.
  3. Profile Strobe – Delivers on an illusion of length drawing the eyes upward towards the top of the face and head.

    Profile Strobe another highlight to help accentuate your entire face.
  4. Full Strobe – Multidimensional technique illuminating the entire face and all its features.

    Full Strobing lights up all of your assets.
  5. Cheek Bone – Highlights the center of the face.
Cheek Strobe highlight the center of your face

Talk with one of our stylists and identify which Strobe affect will be best suited for your goals and features. Appointments for the holidays are filling up fast. So call early.

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