Taylor Swift Red or not?

If you think Red is hot it’s not…Once again Dark is in on the runway.

I thought dark makeup and the likes was in the past like the 80’s and Goth. However this can only be from the truth. As seen on the pages of Allure the dark lips trend is back for its second season. All the big manufactures like M.A.C., Kat Von D, Make Up For Ever, Maybelline New York, Dior.

Take a look at what Allure has to say about the trend.

The definitive makeup trend of the past two seasons—the one that went from the runways to the red carpet, then to the beauty counters and department-store shelves—was dark lipstick. No contest. On the runways we saw black and plum, purple and burgundy; not soon after we saw outrageously awesome shades surface from brands you’d expect…



Source: The Dark Lip Returns to the Runway for Another Season


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