Thinking you want to be your own stylist?

Some Jobs should be left to others to complete

Can you think of jobs you would not practice on yourself?

I have been told there are some careers you can have but you don’t want to do for yourself. Some that come to mind is Surgeon, Doctor, Dentist, Tattoo Artist, Hair Stylist.

I just think that even if I were a pro at any of these it would be hard to practice on yourself. I can’t imagine trying to tattoo a large piece on myself and expect the results to be what I expected.  I think another one would be hair styling, coloring etc. Yes I know that many of these things can be done by yourself. However most of us can not see the back of our heads so there are just areas we can not guarantee the results. I also realize many who may read this are not professionals. Frugal people may say I can do it for less, this is hard to argue but at risk are the results you really wanted. Another issue is often when you DYI (do it yourself) it takes longer than having a pro  do it. What is your time worth?

Well now lets look at some of the reasons for not doing certain jobs yourself, thanks to YouTube and other video blogs we can look at some other peoples epic failures. I am posting failures because we all know that deep down most of us want to see what happens when things go wrong more often then when they go right. So lets see what’s in the archives.

Epic Job Failures

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Special Video Cindy Crawford Untouched – What real bodies look like.


Hope you enjoyed our finds on how not to do things. If you like  or not please ad your comments on our blog page.


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