Unicorn Color vs Smoked Peach

What is new for summer 2017!

Smoked Peach

In reviewing the internet today it appears that Unicorn Color is out and the Smokey Peach look is in.  Incase you are unaware of unicorn colors according to Taran Bassi the unicorns are the bright rainbows, and wild contrasting pastels. Taran also identified another popular look at the “Tangerine Look“.

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smoked peach
Smoked Peach – created by Glam Iris

The smokier and peachier the better.

Summer trends have a tendency to be a bit lighter and fluffier – and this is partly true when it comes to the latest hair trend of smoked peach hair.

Smoked peach hair is a mixture of different shades of orange, blonde and a touch of charcoal to edge things up….

Source: Forget unicorn hair, it’s now all about smoked peach hair | Metro News

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