Vintage Finger Waves

Finger waves a style from the past.

Antique or is it the new Modern?

According to Eva Wiseman at beauty post in The Guardian she indicates Finger Waves are on the rise. Are you familiar with this way of setting your hair? Have you ever seen one or had it done to your own hair? As you will see in a style video below it can take a long time, but the results are very dramatic.  Could this be the look you are seeking for this Christmas or New Years party? If so contact the salon and make an appointment today. The holiday is approaching and we are filling appointments fast. Book Now 727372-9237.

1920-finger-waveWhat is a Finger Wave?

Are you familiar with Finger Waves. A vintage style that seems to be on the rise.  Wikipedia defines the style as a method of setting the hair into waves or curls that was popular in the 1920’s and 30’s. It was made popular by many Hollywood movie stars.




All of a sudden 1920s finger waves are bang up to date

Party properly with a vintage up-do. It seems like every catwalk, from Dries Van Noten to Opening Ceremony, had a version of 1920s finger waves. Marc Jacobs’s were heavily lacquered with unfinished ends, while Stella McCartney’s were soft and infinitely wearable, worn with a little low ponytail. If you don’t have the electric tools, just add product to damp hair, then curl the front section with your fingers. Clip in place, then leave to dry for perfect party glamour.

Source: Perfectly vintage finger waves hairstyling | Fashion | The Guardian


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A cute little girl sitting for a Finger Wave.

More amazing hair transformations from outside of the USA.

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