Zara employee accuses store of discrimination over her hairstyle

Discrimination on hair style.

It is interesting how much our hair says about us. But, how often should we be ill treated over hair style choices as long as they meet the reqquirements of your employer.  If you follow the rules like keeping it clean looking, above the color or tied up should you pay a penalty then?  Apparently work environments in other countries seem to have the same attitudes that many US businesses have. Discrimination based on hair style exists in Canada too.

Ethnic hair styles

An employee at a Zara store in Toronto’s east end said she will likely quit her job and file a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission after managers gave her a hard time about her hair.

….It also said Zara has no formal policy regarding employees’ hairstyles, just that they look professional.

Source: Zara employee accuses store of discrimination over her hairstyle – Toronto – CBC News

Check out the details of the story by Philip Lee-Shanok by clicking on the link above. Zara is one of the largest International  Fashion companies.

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Reason for this post

In trying to keep interest on Hair, Style and Beauty we like to present tips and news around the industry. This article is based on “Ethnic” hair styles but that is not the only reason for discrimination based on hair styles. Often people are classified by the way our hair looks.  If its too long or a little mussed up. If we keep it in a certain style for religious reasons or due to health issues. It is clearly not a reason to lose a job over or be passed on hiring.

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